No-Fee REO Marketing Services

"​REO America has been a great resource for our company.  They've allowed us to better manage and control properties across the country – helping us streamline processes with real estate agents and title companies to get properties sold." –  Satisfied REO Client​

REO America is unique – not only is their management team involved in every step along the way to successfully selling and closing your assets – they do it for FREE!  

The "no fee" management policy means there are no hidden or additional fees on top of the normal brokerage fee you would pay in any real estate transaction.   Again, you can feel safe that you are choosing the right asset management company to manage and sell your acquired assets – and at the same time save your company both time and money.

Here is what REO America will do for you!

  1. Assign a local real estate representative from their vast and vetted network
  2. Determine occupancy and provide the appropriate market evaluation for the current status
  3. They have access to expertise that can advise on evictions and/or cash for keys
  4. Upon vacancy – they will provide a comprehensive package that details marketing suggestions, value estimations, property preservation necessities, and formal bids on any suggested repairs
  5. Upon listing you are provided with periodic updates and monthly reports.  Statuses are available 24/7 via their online tracking system
  6. Offers are managed via the web based tracking system as well – all pertinent points and documents are available to you online to help you make an informed selling decision
  7. Closings are monitored for timeline adherence, and successful deed transfer
  8. REO America can and will customize a service program to fit any specific need you have

REO sales is your REO marketing team's sole responsibility at REO America – day in and day out – their motivation is getting your property sold for the highest price in the shortest amount of time.  There are no distractions – just completely focused results.