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Our Approach

The REO America partners take pride in their longevity in the REO industry.  Because of their dedication to this industry – their clients benefit many times over.   It would be a rare day where they would find a problematic situation they have not already had to trouble shoot or overcome at some point in their lengthy careers.  

At REO America, the buck starts and stops with these three professionals.

Our Story

"REO America is an organization that is dedicated to providing a smooth transition from the very beginning of the foreclosure process to a timely closing.  They require the highest standards and ethics from their sub-agents for their client's listed properties."              --Trusted REO Listing Agent

Meet the Team

REO America is a Women Owned Business

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Jamie Greene


Jamie Greene brings 20+ years experience to the mortgage default industry, most recently as a co-owner of REO America.   Previously, Jamie has been in several managerial positions at other asset companies, and is well versed in the necessary customer service levels needed to keep clients informed, and herself proactive.  

Jamie is known for attention to detail, and taking every step imaginable to make the asset management process run smoothly.   She has had clients base their in house operational manuals on her time-line and service levels.  It is her responsibility to co-manage the entire REO sales division of REO America.  Given her extensive experience in management positions both within and outside the industry, Jamie always knows exactly the right route to take to get an agent motivated and a property moving.  

Jamie also keeps tabs on a large portfolio of REO, while managing, developing and training her staff.  Her experience has given her unsurpassed expertise in marketing strategies, contract negotiation, escrow management, and client relations. 

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Kathleen Pasqua


Kathleen Pasqua brings 20+ years experience to the mortgage default industry, most recently as a co-owner of REO America.   Kathleen has worked all facets of an asset management company, from BPO valuations in her early years in the industry, to assisting asset managers and eventually becoming an asset manager all of which have given her the necessary perspective to be successful in her current responsibility of co-managing the entire REO sales division of REO America.   

Kathleen is adept at conceptualizing and implementing sales programs that fit the needs of her diverse clients which include traditional banks as well as individual investment partnerships.   She exhibits the ability to multi-task while managing a large portfolio; keeping track of every detail, and making herself indispensable to clients.   Technologically savvy as well, her efficiency has lead to a proven track record of reducing clients’ overall holding costs and losses, as well as systematically monitoring quality control and client satisfaction.  Her contacts and knowledge have been instrumental for evaluating and managing property pools for her investment clients. 

Kathleen’s close client relationships have extended decades and have directly lead to the growth of REO America thru both professional and personal referrals.